Electromagnetic Pollution

Electromagnetic pollution or Electromagnetic frequency (EMF) pollution is derived from all the man made electromagnetic fields of different frequencies that have overwhelmed our environment, our homes and even our work place.

There is sufficient scientific evidence to support the idea that these EMFs are harmful to our health.  The most intense of these frequencies is the extremely low frequency (ELF) spectrum.  The danger is that we are exposed to these ELFs over a long period of time and the amount of electromagnetic pollution is increasing exponentially.

We are literally surrounded by electromagnetic pollution including cell phones, computers, electrical appliances including TVs, wireless routers, satellite dishes, electronic equipment, cell towers, microwave ovens, high and low voltage power lines, radio and TV transmitters, house wiring, motor vehicles and now the new smart meters.  It has reached a critical level that is now imposing some serous health issues.

In addition these electromagnetic frequencies have altered the natural healing frequencies of the Earth called Schumann frequencies.  You can provide some of these healing properties by walking barefoot on the grass, using an earthing pad on your bed and in your car or treating yourself with pulsed electromagnetic therapy (PEMF).

You can also protect yourself and your family by first being aware of these dangerous frequencies.  Next, keep your distance from these especially your microwave oven.  We would suggest you only use it for hot packs and stand several feet away.  You can purchase a gauss meter to check the areas in your house that are emitting the highest frequencies.

For further information, go to www.emwatch.com.  If you are interested in having your office and home remediated, go to www.hhwellness.com.

At the Julian Center we have remediated the entire office so our patients can be treated in an EMF-free environment thus improving their ability to heal and our staff can work in a less stressed environment.  We also offer EMF protection devices for your purchase.

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